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Easy ATM Solutions & Recurring Revenue for Merchant Services Agents

Meet Merchant ATM Needs

Without Added Hassel

Star’s ATM Referral Program can help Merchant Services Agents provide their retail partners with reliable ATM opportunities… without diving into the ATM business!

Earn additional recurring revenue

Fully maintain the retailer relationship

Offer more services for your merchant partners

Ready to diversify your business, create stickier relationships, and boost your bottom line?


Don’t want to sell ATM equipment and services?

Not a problem!

Easily offer retail ATMs by joining the Star ATM Referral Program.

How does it work?

Provide your retail partner’s business information to us and we will reach out to close the deal on YOUR behalf. You collect a shared residual from the account each month.


Star provides turn-key ATM placements, including the equipment, communications, software, processing, cash management, and maintenance all in one easy program. Star not only closes the deal but provides easy, reliable, comprehensive ATM services with maximum up-time to meet your merchants’ needs.



Why is an ATM Referral Partner Program an excellent addition to your Merchant Services Business?

#1 Compensation: The Star ATM Referral Partner Program offers simple compensation packages. Like Merchant Services, ATM programs offer long-term profitability with recurring revenue. You make money every month as consumers use the store’s on-site ATM. We also provide lifetime residuals as long as the account is contracted with us!


#2 Sell to any business: ATMs are an important convenience for consumers. Most retailers know having an on-site ATM brings in foot traffic and cash customers. With our reliable ATM programs, you can help boost visits and pull in additional cash transactions.


Will ATMs affect my Merchant Services business?

Absolutely not. Cash isn’t going anywhere but there is a growing demographic of younger consumers that prefer using cash – especially for smaller in-person purchases. Retailers often see a 20-30% increase in cash usage when they have an on-site ATM. But those consumers are not the demographic using cards and benefiting your Merchant Services business. Rather, they are the consumers that would be more likely to shop elsewhere if there wasn’t an ATM in the store.


How much money can I make?

Your revenue is dependent on how many merchants you refer. On average, an ATM account will give you $XX in residual income. If you sign up 10 accounts, you could be making $X,XXX a month.


How do I get paid each month?

Residuals are paid every 30 days via direct deposit.

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