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By necessity, many merchants exhibiting at local events rely on cash-based transactions. The electricity, internet access and equipment needed for credit or debit transactions are often hard to obtain or completely unavailable. Easy-to-use mobile processing options, such as Pay Pal and Google Pay, usually come with hefty processing fees that eat into vendor’s profits. Consequently, consumers are driven towards the nearest ATM. If the ATM happens to be in an inconvenient location or off-site, attendees may avoid visiting the ATM, not spend any money or leave the event altogether.

With mobile ATMs, event organizers can offer patrons easy access to cash, increasing the likelihood of a successful event.

Roughly 80 cents of every dollar withdrawn at an event is spent on-site as consumers are psychologically predisposed to spend the cash they have on hand. Recent studies also show that consumers find cash purchases are more fulfilling meaning easy access to ATMs will make an event more profitable.

Mobile ATM, a Star Financial company, offers a wide range of mobile amenities, including ATM, safe cash drops to secure the cash vendors take in, and credit and debit card processing services to accommodate larger events.

Plan to Please

A great benefit to using specialized vendors, such as Mobile ATM LLC, is that personalized planning and equipment service are included. Using highspeed, wireless internet connections, ATM terminals may be placed strategically in convenient locations without the safety hazard and inconvenience of running phone lines. This allows event organizers to provide small ATM kiosks, larger ATM trailers and point-of sale terminals for credit card transactions virtually anywhere they are needed.

Successful events must be profitable and a variety of mobile banking options can increase vendor sales by as much as 50%.

As part of the financial services provided by Mobile ATM, employees constantly monitor the ATMs, fill them with cash when they are running low and perform scheduled cash pickups for vendors throughout the day.

Personalize for Your Community

All kiosks and ATMs provided by Mobile ATM are brightly wrapped and branded, providing customers with confidence and visual appeal. While this helps consumers locate ATMs at a crowded event, it also shows that the ATMs are well-cared for and reliable. Custom ATM wraps are also available and large color display screens allow for custom event or sponsorship logos to appear directly on the screen, allowing event organizers to use local branding to draw customers in.

By creating access to account balances and cash, event ATMs provide a vital resource for event goers and organizers. These mobile machines encourage participation in the event, recirculation of funds, and connectivity between consumers and local businesses. Event ATMs and other mobile options also increase the profitability of virtually any event. Best of all, with Mobile ATM, all setup, management, service, breakdown and transport of machines is managed by a trained team of professionals so that you – the event organizer – can tackle other issues that may arise.

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