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Increase Charitable Giving & Make Donor Management Easier with Software Designed Specifically fo

Operating a successful non-profit is a rewarding labor of love but devoting countless hours to increasing donor engagement and raising funds is no longer enough. Working hard needs to become synonymous with working smart.

Online fundraising garners millions in charitable donations every year, but with so many non-profits competing for donations it can be difficult to make your charity stand out.

Providing an easy means for donors to invest in your non-profit, with software designed exclusively for non-profits, is an excellent way to improve exposure for your cause, and expand the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns with software designed exclusively for non-profits,

Star Financial Services’ Give Savvy platform was developed as an all-in-one donor management system to aid non-profit organizations. Features include donor database management, online and on-site donations, donor-paid processing fees, easy-to-access customized reporting, and the ability to run multiple campaigns through the web, text and mobile application. Give Savvy increases campaign efficiency by automatically feeding campaign data into the reporting system to track when and how all donations occur.

Appeal to Different Demographics

As the desire for new technology online and mobile payments grows, the multiple campaign capability and list segmentation allows for targeted, successful campaigns. According to a recent whitepaper by Star Financial Services, structuring campaigns that target specific generations improves donor engagement since different age groups respond to different stimuli.

Tech-savvy Millennials, who account for approximately 11% of charitable donations in the U.S., are more likely to donate through online platforms or via text-messaging, while Baby Boomers are more likely to respond to emails or phone calls. Finding the correct channel for communication is as important as campaign content and Give Savvy makes it easy to speak to your target audience.

According to Paying It Forward… There’s an App for That, Give Savvy’s ability to accept web, social media, email, text, credit and debit donations, as well as schedule recurring payments, is certain to increase donor engagement with tech-savvy generations like Generation X and Millennials.

Work Smarter with Give Savvy

The mark of a healthy non-profit is steady growth in revenue and participation. Give Savvy allows you to painlessly grow with your member base. With the donor management component that most other processing applications lack, scalability is no longer an issue. Give Savvy streamlines many of the important tasks so that more time can be spent implementing strategic fundraising that targets each generation based on donor preferences and needs.

Efficient operations and cash management are essential to ongoing success. A single worker can achieve what once required an entire team with Give Savvy by automating and tracking all donor payments, allowing you to manage multiple donation platforms and reach a wider range of donors.

To learn more about Give Savvy and all the ways it can aid your charity to reach its goals, download a free white paper here.

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