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Payment solutions for your business

No matter what type of business you have or what solution you need, we got you cover. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, we can offer you an efficient, economical solution designed for you and your customers.

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At Star Financial Services we have set out to offer our clients the best in the market and for the market. We are proud to firmly believe that in us you can find the best partner to take your business to the next level.

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New Ideas

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More Savings

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More Revenue

For us the most important thing is to always be able to bring new business ideas and new opportunities to our clients.

With us you can save a significant amount of money through our processes.

And that monetary savings means that in the end you will have more income to enjoy.

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Customer Service

Don't worry about regular or emergency equipment maintenance, we'll always be there.

In us you will always find a professional and friendly voice that will provide a solution to any situation.

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We have a whole portfolio of services at your disposal for whatever your goal or product you want to offer. It is time to choose which new opportunity you want to take advantage of.

ATM at place

Need of cash in your business

Mobile ATM

We take the ATM wherever you need it.

POS Solution

Complete your payment solutions to your customers

Merchant Services

Add to your monthly incomes

ATM Outsourcing

Let us handle the hardwork, you just enjoy.


What about having the best partners?

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Let's start doing business right now!

It's time to start increasing your earnings. Leave a few details and one of our agents will contact you.

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Star Financial has helped me open new ways of business and increase my profits. I had not seen everything I could offer my clients. Totally recommended.


Jason, Retail Store Owner


We want you to always be informed of the latest market news so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

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