As an ATM deployer, have you been asked if you can assist your customers with credit and debit card processing a time or two… or three? Has COVID made you re-evaluate your ATM business?


Ready to diversify your business and earn additional recurring revenue, but not sure how to start? We can help!



Credit Card

Offer Credit & Debit Card Processing to Your ATM Customers



Our merchant services program

is designed specifically for ATM operators

like yourself!


With online and one-on-one training

and a representative available to answer

your questions, we teach you how to sell

a new service to retailers you

already have a great relationship.





Not sure if you have the time? 

No problem. 


You are in charge of how much time you put into it.

We offer the ability to earn lifetime residuals from simply providing referrals.



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Custom Schedule:

Tell Us Your Needs, and We’ll Meet Them


Lifetime Residuals

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Branded Marketing Tools

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POS Systems, Smart Terminals, Mobile card Readers

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Transparent Pricing

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Referral Partner Options


Board Any Account

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Deployment Support & Live Call Center

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Live Weekly Training

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Dedicated Account Manager

Paying at the Store

Referral Partner Program Options

No sure if you have the time or to sell full time?

Not a problem!

Make recurring revenue for life too as a referral partner.


How does it work? Refer the business information to Star will reach out and close the deal on your behalf. You collect a shared residual from the account each month.


Offer Another Service to Merchants That Already Trust You!


Are you an industry that works with B2B sales? Consider adding residual income to your wallet with Merchant Services. Work from home and offer a new service that will reduce or even eliminate the second-largest monthly expense of those businesses!


If you work within one of these industries, you can start making residual income today!

Insurance Sales

Insurance Agent


Business Brokers

Business representative

Bookkeping &
Accounting Firms

Expense Reduction Consultants

Hotline Consultant
Digital Nomad

Internet &
Cable Sales

Solar Sales

Solar panels

Delivery Service Workers

Using a Touch Phone


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Why is selling merchant services an excellent addition to your ATM Business

#1 Compensation: Merchant services offers compensation packages. Merchant Services offers long-term profitability with recurring revenue. You make money every time someone uses a credit or debit card in your account’s store. We also provide lifetime residuals, as long as the account is processing with us!


#2 You can sell to any business: Accepting payment is the lifeblood of any business. Most retailers believe taking cards is the cost of doing business. With our low, transparent rates and no hidden fees, you can help them save money.

#3 Now is the right time to get into the industry: Technology advancements, and shifting changes in payment trends have opened opportunities for ATM deployers to offer low-cost card processing. Why not provide a service your customers are already using?


Will merchant services affect my ATM business?

Not at all. As you may already know, cash is not going anywhere, but it’s on a slow decline. Merchant services and ATMs complement each other well. Retailers often see a 20-30% increase in cash usage when they have an ATM on-site. And when merchants take advantage of our popular Cash Discounting Program, ATM withdrawals tend to increase.


How much money can I make?

It depends on the work you put in. On average, a merchant account will give you $30 a month in residual income. If you can sign-up 10 accounts, you could be making $3,600 a month. At the end of the first year, that equates to an additional $36,000 in income!


How do I get paid each month?

Residuals are paid every 30 days via direct deposit.


What is Cash Discounting?

With a cash discount, the merchant passes the card processing fees on to the customer. If the customer pays in cash, they pay the price advertised. A 3.99% charge is automatically applied to their transaction if they pay by card. The 3.99% covers interchange, authorization, credit transaction costs, and merchant support. Gas stations, utility companies, and government agencies like the DMV have been using this for decades.

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