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Save Your Employees Both Time and Money with the Benefit of Convenient ATMs On-Site

As pay cards and direct deposit become the standard for employee payment, having an on-site ATM makes sense for everyone! For the average person, daily responsibilities can be daunting, so why not make things a little easier for your employees, members and customers?

Cash access is essential and convenient, and reliable ATMs make withdrawing cash anytime, easier than ever.

The average ATM surcharge in the U.S. is $3.50 and banks charge between $2.50 to $3.50 in "foreign ATM fees." Each time your employees use an ATM they’re paying as much $7.00 to get cash....and they are using ATMs.

According to the latest research…

  • 75% of consumers use an ATM as part of their everyday banking activities

  • Millennials use cash and ATMs more than any other demographic

  • Cash remains the most popular form of retail payment instrument

  • 50% of transactions under $25 and 60% under $10 are in cash

  • Households earning less than $25,000 annually prefer cash to other payment methods

  • Employees paid via a pay card rely on cash more than employees with a bank account

Here at Star Financial we take care of it all.


From the installation, to cash management, to maintenance…simply choose the location and we do the rest! It also doesn’t hurt that our knowledgeable customer service representatives are always standing by and ready to help when needed.




Discover More Benefits of Having an ATM On-Site for Your Employees

With Star Financial Bank at Work, your employees can use available ATMs as often as needed with ABSOLUTELY NO FEE!


You provide a solution to their cash needs so that they can focus on work.

Direct Access

Employees can easily access their cash as well as view their account balance…all without leaving the premises!

Increased Safety

In general, banking transactions can hold potential risk and danger. Why not make sure your employees stay safe and secure while accessing their money?

ATM withdrawal fees can add up

Save your employees money by offering them surcharge-free cash access! Employers have the option of joining our surcharge-free network program.

A stress-free and inexpensive benefit that will save your employees time and money

Your employees are waiting,


2. Financial Institutions

Discover the Benefits of On-Site ATMs

Advertise Accounts

A great way to promote payroll deposit accounts as well as other products and services to both associates and executives.

Stress-Free Service

Here at Star Financial we provide everything concerning your ATMs. This means installation, maintenance, and cash management are all included.

Brand Awareness

Increase your brand’s visibility with customized ATM features like on-screen ads, wraps with your brand’s colors and logo, and more.

Expand your brand…

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