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What Financial Institutions Need to Know about Their Windows 10 Migration (WHITE PAPER)

Uncertain timelines and budgetary costs are just a few of the challenges financial institutions face as they migrate their ATMs to Windows 10. In this new white paper, sponsored by Star Financial Services, banks and credit unions will learn the latest information available about Windows 10 and explore the options available including purchasing new machines, upgrading existing hardware and outsourcing their ATMs.

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On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will cease support for Windows 7 for ATMs. Currently, the company's support covers technical issues, security updates, and application patches. All of these critical services are scheduled to halt on January 14th.

As with prior Windows' migrations, the latest operating system (OS} has been running successfully in the consumer market and on businesses, computers for a number of years. The proliferation of its primary consumer market is now such that the company intends to phase out the old software in favor of improving and building on the current and next iterations for ATMs.

Of course, Windows 7 will still function on ATMs. However, financial institutions (Fis} attempting to continue on the older platform will be increasing security and functionality risks, with the additional possibility of losing their PCI compliance. As with prior migration schedules, Microsoft has announced a temporary support option for Windows 7, but details of the cost and duration of this extended plan have yet to be announced.


SFS Windows 10 WP
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